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Cool Roofs Chemical [WATER PROOFING]

Cool Roof Chemicals is one of the first companies in Pakistan to start providing roof water proofing services.At Cool Roofs Chemical, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Thus, we have been maintaining our clients since the launch of our company nearly a decade back.

We consider ourselves a market leader when it comes to roof water proofing services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Our company prides itself on the expert knowledge our years of experience operating in the industry has imparted us with. If you are looking for a place to help you with all your roof water proofing needs in the region of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, then click here!

Read on as our experts at Cool Roof Chemicals give you a detailed overview of what roof water proofing is, why you should opt for it as well as the method applied by our company.

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What is Roof Water Proofing?

Essentially, water proofing is the process of making a surface water resistant, so it does not succumb to water damage on account of rains, flooding, and seepage. Most commonly, water proofing services are needed in damp environments or in underwater structures.

Our roof water proofing services are quite useful in regions that experience heavy rainfall such as the northern cities— our services are particularly popular in the Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

We take pride in the that fact that ours is considered one of the foremost roof water proofing services in the country. Below is a brief overview of the services we provide regarding roof water proofing:

• Roof seepage repairs,
• Roof leakage repairs,
• Any and all types of water damage to your roof.

Thanks to the premium quality and ISO certified chemicals we use in our services;we are able to guarantee top-notch roof water proofing services to our clients. Our skill is not limited to providing for one niche— we cater to clients from all sectors be it residential, commercial, or even industrial.

Moreover, not only are our services deemed the best in town, but we also won’t leave a dent in your finance either! Have a leaky roof? Contact Cool Roof Chemical today! If you areinterested in visiting our office, we are located in Islamabad Plaza at G-8 Markaz.

Why Should You opt for Water Proofing?

Living in an are that faces frequent and severe rainfall should help you understand exactly the type of damage water can wreak on your homes and commercial buildings. As especially when it comes to your roofs.

Roofs bear the brunt of bad weather. Thus, when it pours, we highly recommend you check where the water is accumulating. Conduct a thorough inspection of these areas as there is a strong chance this water damage can grow to become irreversible.

Here is what you should be on the lookout for where the water is ponding, check for congested drains, and for seepage spots into the building. We also recommend checking for these seepage spots from underneath the ceiling i.e. from within the building.

If you have noticed any of this puddling of water on your roof, you should seriously consider taking precautionary measures to deescalate this.

Here are a few reasons you should consider roof water proofing services:

Prevents Seepage

This is the first and foremost reason you should call up your service provider. Leaks and seepage may sound innocuous enough to some, but what they might forget is that these can cause mold to fester on your walls and ceilings and eventually lead to respiratory illnesses.

Opting for roof water proofing is essentially a preemptive tactic; seepage occurs when the outermost membrane of your roof begins to wear down. During a downpour, water can seep in through this weakened membrane. Our chemicals help reinforce this layer to prevent the issue from taking place.

Keeps Humidity and Dampness in check

Opting for roof water proofing services can actually lead to a less humid and damp environment inside your house or commercial building. Thus, it is a great way to protect your home / building from exposure to humid air.

Keeps Mold at Bay

As we mentioned earlier, seepage is the catalyst to a number of different types of mold growth. Puddled roofs coupled with humid air present inside your building can encourage the growth of this mold. Not only is this a terrible situation for the structure of your building but can also have a detrimental effect on your health.

Water proofing your roof means you are able to eradicate the dampness from your home.

Prevents Cracked Flooring

Would you believe it if we told you that water proofing your roof could be beneficial to your flooring as well? Depending on how damp the inside of your home or building is, you run the risk of damage to your floor and walls as well.

If gone unchecked, these walls and floorings may weaken to such a state that they form cracks— causing permanent damage. With the help of our state-of-the-art water proofing chemicals, we are able to seal your roof nice and well— making sure that no water or dampness seeps in to destroy your building.

Convinced that you might need rood water proofing services for your building in Islamabad? Get in touch with our seasoned experts.

You would be interested in knowing that water proofing is not the only service we provide— our company is equipped to help clients with heat proofing, water tank leakages, bathroom leaks, as wall as seepage wall damps.

Think you need a reliable and cost-effective service provider in the cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi? Avail of our years of experience by contacting us or visiting our website. If you feel more comfortable visiting us in our office, we are located on the first floor of the Islamabad Plaza in G-8 Markaz.

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